Why are pubs on corners?

Have you ever wondered why Pubs are located on the corners of streets or roads? Why don’t developers construct pubs in the middle or centre of the road? What could be the possible reasons behind that? Here you will go through some of the guessed or analytical reasoning. Here we go.

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The whole building of the pub is always divided into several sections. It includes different rooms for different activities, and for example, there is a saloon or lounge, Public bar, Snug, Counter, and Beer engine. Most of the time, one side is allocated for a Saloon or Lounge, a room where fees, the extra amount is paid for excess wine consumed. Parlour or Saloon is mostly reserved for business persons, and they used to sit here and discuss business matters. The saloon room is not facilitated as other rooms, and there are some minor infrastructure changes in it.

Spacious Parking

When pubs are built on the streets’ corner, they will have more space for parking of cars and motor vehicles. The crowd of people will park their vehicles on one side of the road. Other side or middle of the road will not be affected by pub visitor at all. It will also facilitate those who use pavement for travelling. 

Broader Exterior View

Corner buildings and plots are of great importance. Wonder how? Corner plots constitute two junctions, and it will facilitate pubs with a broader outside view. More people will get to know about the pub, and more people will visit the pub, more the pubs will make money. 

Separate Entrance & Exit

Corner building facilities individuals to reserve one side for entrance and another side for the exit. This will keep a balance between individuals entering and learning pubs. Security measures will easily be implemented using this dual entrance and exit system. It will somehow control the extra crowd in the pub.

Facilitating Emergency Condition

Two side opening ways can help people use another method to exit or enter the pub in emergency circumstances. For example, if a fire or any other emergency circumstances occur, then the second or first way of the pub can save individuals from getting harm. We find out about this thanks to Matt Donnelly from Arena Bathroom Renovations.

Most of the time, the corner plots don’t have heritage protection, but everything is owned based on the present world’s license. So, pubs are licensed now.

Giving Chance to Introvert 

Somehow, this reason is a bit hilarious. Considering those who are shy or who used to avoid someone who is cause hindrance in pubs attendance. For these kinds of people’s dual doors of pubs can help them. They can use an alternative way to enter into the pub, can easily hide from evil eyes (lol!). Some individuals have some psychological issues in facing various people or admit their acts, and they can hide themselves using alternative ways to the pub.


Above were a few possible reasons for the construction of pubs on the corner. Well, there could be other possible reasons. As every individual’s perceptions and mentality are different, people used to understand according to their anticipation. 

In pubs most of the time one side is accomplished by the saloon side, that side is reserved for business-oriented people and ordinary people. Some pubs reserve one side for the upstairs portion and one for ground floor activities like all pub activities. 

Some pubs use one way for entrance and another for the exit. Corner pubs are subjected to people attraction as it will have a broad view, it will also not take spacious space for parking of visitor’s vehicles. It was the summary of the above argument.

If you think there could be another reason for the building of pubs at the corner, please comment in the comment section. Maybe you open the horizon of new thoughts for us.

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