Which UK city has the most pubs?

Are you a wine/beer lover? Is wine/beer being your lifeline (lol)? Are you struggling to find pubs in the United Kingdom? You are migrating to the UK but don’t know where you can find most of the pubs. Before, travelling you have to skim through a google search list that will help you decide which city is better in the context of pubs? Well, we provide you with the best of information about the highest number of pubs located in which city of the UK? Here we go. Let’s start with major cities in the UK. 

The major cities are:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester’s
  • Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield
  • Belfast, Bristol, Nottingham

As mentioned earlier, London is the king of pubs in the United Kingdom with the highest number of pubs (Boom!). There are around 47200 pubs in London. These pubs offer a wide variety of beer/wine. One can enjoy whisky according to his/her taste as taste buds need some flavour to live. Here I will mention some of the most popular pubs located in London. 

Chesham Arms

It is located at Mehetabel Road. Its exterior reflects the classic and latest architecture that attracts most of the local community. One can enjoy the various flavours of beer with different other stuff like fast food with unique sausages. It is not the only pub, and it is more than a pub, that is developed to meet people with different hunger and thirst requirements.

The prospects of Whitby

The most ancient pub in London. Its architecture is showing the crafts of the 16th century. One can enjoy a drink with a view of the beer garden and river. It Is located in wapping hall. Most of the pubs open till late at night, but the timing is somehow different.


It is unique like its name, located in Aeronaut with historical style. Here, one can enjoy different game shows, participate in quizzes, get relished of dance, and break the barriers by indulging in Aeronauts pubs atmosphere. One can enjoy various foods with the drink. Private hiring is also available. 

The Jugged Hare

A blend of different departments like food, drink, games, and much more. The kitchen is open for everyone; one can watch the food preparing Infront of his/her eyes to ensure the quality. Separate space is made for wine lovers. If a guest is coming to see you, The Jugged Hare also provides the guest room’s facility. It is also budget-friendly. 

Princes Louise Holborn

Want to experience royal touch or wondered about how prince and princes were enjoying themselves with drinking. This Princes Louise Holborn is the answer to all your curiosity. Here one can enjoy the royal environment. Day time is marked by moderate drinkers and night drawn by hard workers. They used to relax their selves at night with pegs of drinks. Neither it is cheap nor very costly. So, go and escape yourself from the hardships of reality for some time but do not lose your senses, as one has to deal with life’s struggles.

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