Why are pubs on corners?

Have you ever wondered why Pubs are located on the corners of streets or roads? Why don’t developers construct pubs in the middle or centre of the road? What could be the possible reasons behind that? Here you will go through some of the guessed or analytical reasoning. Here we go.

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The whole building of the pub is always divided into several sections. It includes different rooms for different activities, and for example, there is a saloon or lounge, Public bar, Snug, Counter, and Beer engine. Most of the time, one side is allocated for a Saloon or Lounge, a room where fees, the extra amount is paid for excess wine consumed. Parlour or Saloon is mostly reserved for business persons, and they used to sit here and discuss business matters. The saloon room is not facilitated as other rooms, and there are some minor infrastructure changes in it.

Spacious Parking

When pubs are built on the streets’ corner, they will have more space for parking of cars and motor vehicles. The crowd of people will park their vehicles on one side of the road. Other side or middle of the road will not be affected by pub visitor at all. It will also facilitate those who use pavement for travelling. 

Broader Exterior View

Corner buildings and plots are of great importance. Wonder how? Corner plots constitute two junctions, and it will facilitate pubs with a broader outside view. More people will get to know about the pub, and more people will visit the pub, more the pubs will make money. 

Separate Entrance & Exit

Corner building facilities individuals to reserve one side for entrance and another side for the exit. This will keep a balance between individuals entering and learning pubs. Security measures will easily be implemented using this dual entrance and exit system. It will somehow control the extra crowd in the pub.

Facilitating Emergency Condition

Two side opening ways can help people use another method to exit or enter the pub in emergency circumstances. For example, if a fire or any other emergency circumstances occur, then the second or first way of the pub can save individuals from getting harm. We find out about this thanks to Matt Donnelly from Arena Bathroom Renovations.

Most of the time, the corner plots don’t have heritage protection, but everything is owned based on the present world’s license. So, pubs are licensed now.

Giving Chance to Introvert 

Somehow, this reason is a bit hilarious. Considering those who are shy or who used to avoid someone who is cause hindrance in pubs attendance. For these kinds of people’s dual doors of pubs can help them. They can use an alternative way to enter into the pub, can easily hide from evil eyes (lol!). Some individuals have some psychological issues in facing various people or admit their acts, and they can hide themselves using alternative ways to the pub.


Above were a few possible reasons for the construction of pubs on the corner. Well, there could be other possible reasons. As every individual’s perceptions and mentality are different, people used to understand according to their anticipation. 

In pubs most of the time one side is accomplished by the saloon side, that side is reserved for business-oriented people and ordinary people. Some pubs reserve one side for the upstairs portion and one for ground floor activities like all pub activities. 

Some pubs use one way for entrance and another for the exit. Corner pubs are subjected to people attraction as it will have a broad view, it will also not take spacious space for parking of visitor’s vehicles. It was the summary of the above argument.

If you think there could be another reason for the building of pubs at the corner, please comment in the comment section. Maybe you open the horizon of new thoughts for us.

Which UK city has the most pubs?

Are you a wine/beer lover? Is wine/beer being your lifeline (lol)? Are you struggling to find pubs in the United Kingdom? You are migrating to the UK but don’t know where you can find most of the pubs. Before, travelling you have to skim through a google search list that will help you decide which city is better in the context of pubs? Well, we provide you with the best of information about the highest number of pubs located in which city of the UK? Here we go. Let’s start with major cities in the UK. 

The major cities are:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester’s
  • Glasgow, Leeds, Liverpool, Newcastle, Sheffield
  • Belfast, Bristol, Nottingham

As mentioned earlier, London is the king of pubs in the United Kingdom with the highest number of pubs (Boom!). There are around 47200 pubs in London. These pubs offer a wide variety of beer/wine. One can enjoy whisky according to his/her taste as taste buds need some flavour to live. Here I will mention some of the most popular pubs located in London. 

Chesham Arms

It is located at Mehetabel Road. Its exterior reflects the classic and latest architecture that attracts most of the local community. One can enjoy the various flavours of beer with different other stuff like fast food with unique sausages. It is not the only pub, and it is more than a pub, that is developed to meet people with different hunger and thirst requirements.

The prospects of Whitby

The most ancient pub in London. Its architecture is showing the crafts of the 16th century. One can enjoy a drink with a view of the beer garden and river. It Is located in wapping hall. Most of the pubs open till late at night, but the timing is somehow different.


It is unique like its name, located in Aeronaut with historical style. Here, one can enjoy different game shows, participate in quizzes, get relished of dance, and break the barriers by indulging in Aeronauts pubs atmosphere. One can enjoy various foods with the drink. Private hiring is also available. 

The Jugged Hare

A blend of different departments like food, drink, games, and much more. The kitchen is open for everyone; one can watch the food preparing Infront of his/her eyes to ensure the quality. Separate space is made for wine lovers. If a guest is coming to see you, The Jugged Hare also provides the guest room’s facility. It is also budget-friendly. 

Princes Louise Holborn

Want to experience royal touch or wondered about how prince and princes were enjoying themselves with drinking. This Princes Louise Holborn is the answer to all your curiosity. Here one can enjoy the royal environment. Day time is marked by moderate drinkers and night drawn by hard workers. They used to relax their selves at night with pegs of drinks. Neither it is cheap nor very costly. So, go and escape yourself from the hardships of reality for some time but do not lose your senses, as one has to deal with life’s struggles.

What are English pubs like?

Do you belong to a Non-British country? Never visited English Pubs? Our article will introduce you to English Pubs. Here you will get to know how English pubs look like? How is the environment in English Pubs? Let’s talk about British Pubs.


The environment is a crucial factor in establishing a good relationship with other people as it provides different circumstances based upon people’s mentality. The setting is amiable in English pubs as it is considered a source of social integration and interaction. Here people from different disciplines meet each other, discover additional facts, discuss any social issue related to their society and show colossal respect.

Attractive Names

Most pubs are named on the name of the streets in which they are located. Some historian pubs are in the name of royal personalities like “Princes Louise Holborn.” Depending on the title, you will get to know about pub history and attributes. Like “Princess Louise Holborn” represent the royal architecture and customs of that time. Does its infrastructure talk about how pubs of old time were looked like?

Engaging activities

In the present busiest life, individuals do not think about themselves. They don’t even have a single minute to take a glimpse of themselves. Meanwhile, Pubs think about people arranging different engaging activities, which ultimately freshen people’s minds, escape them from the hardships of reality for a short period.

Budget-Friendly Drinks

English pubs offer a variety of drinks with taste variation at minimum cost. They used to import beverages from other countries like Belgium, Germany, etc. They will not charge extra fees for imported drinks. Here one can swim his/her tongue in wide taste river of drinks.

Single Place for All Functions

English people have most of their functions at pubs. The English People are celebrating different occasions. Pubs are considered a single place for all kinds of tasks like meetups, social gatherings, business meetings, etc.

Mouth-Watering Food

How can we forget about the mouth-watering food offered by English pubs? Well, English pubs offer “Sunday roast” a prevalent dish with a combination of potatoes, vegetables, meat, and beer (wow!). On weekends, English people used to visit pubs for enjoying the relish of Sunday roast. Such a juicy, mouthwatering taste it has (yummy!).

Age Restrictions 

The minimum age for taking drinks in the UK is 18 years. If you are 18-year-old, you can easily enjoy the drinks. Pubs will not restrict from taking drinks. The warning is for those who are under 18.

Time Runs Out

If someone is inside the pub even after its closing time, the pub owner will close the door for coming public, but continue to serve those who are still inside. The pub will treat you like a family member. One will not be feeling embraced, even residing inside after closing hour. 


There are dress rules, and one can go to the pubs by wearing the dress of their own choice. Pubs give their customers complete liberty to wear whatever they like, participate in all the pub activities if you want, enjoy the games and dance parties in the pub’s dark environment, and be friendly with everyone.